£140 Per Week: Is for personalised plan

Involves 3 meals, 1 snack and 1 shake. Made specifically for you by our chef.

You either have meal plan for us to make.

For example: 


Meal 1. 100g brown rice, 50g of chicken,

Meal 2. 100g egg whites + veggies,

Meal 3. Snack – Protein bar, Shake – Bruce Lean.

Tuesday/ Thursday

Meal 1.

Meal 2.


On going email support
for that week


You can always say my goal is weight loss/fat loss/muscle gain/ energy and We will advice your plan.

Meals will be delivered to your closest shop each day to pick up.

We also offer a delivery service at an extra charge. 


Other options include: Grab and go at the shop

4 medium size meals , 2 snacks and 1 shake for £ 32

3 medium size meals, 1 shake £20,

1 medium size meal, 1 shake and 1 snack for £12


You pick your own meals and take them to the till and pay. 

TO Enquire email

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