MEAL PREP is here to help you take out the thinking and planning of what to eat to achieve results.
who is it for ?
•Beginners to meal prep, those who want a coach/ nutritionist to help with achieving their personalised goals
•those who simply want a service where they don’t need to think/ plan about food, do you just want to have someone else do all the hard work and all you have to do as a customer is collect and it’s done. ✅
How does this work? 
Carli devises the meal plan for the day from the meals in the fridges so you don’t have to think about what to eat and when, this makes sticking to a plan easier and you get results faster. 
How do I book this ?
your full name
Location of collecting the meals which you need to do each day, mon-Friday you can pick 2 days up at a time just state this on the email.
We don’t deliver, customers who require delivery can organise this themselves just let us know
Let me know your age, weight, current exercise / eating plan
Your goals
Allergies / medical issues
Foods you like / don’t like
Any particular diet style you want to follow
And anything I need to know 
You pay £140 on the first day of collect at your local picking up shop, and can talk to me (Carli) via email for any support /questions you have during the week on the plan.
(£140 is for mon-Friday’s worth of meals)
Otherwise sit back and enjoy the service.
Frequently asked Q’s
What is included roughly each day
4 meals 2 snacks 1 shake or juice.
Can I have vegan meals. ? Yes
Can I do low carb / KETO ? Yes
If I don’t like a meal can I change it? Once we have packed the bag you cannot change it however please state in the email foods you don’t like.
Thanks Carli.
To book just email Sunday before 4pm saying
Location you can collect meals daily/
Ages/ weight/ training regime
Allergies / illness etc

TO Enquire email

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